How to get pregnant?

Having regularly unprotected sex when you are ovulating will give you the best chance of getting pregnant. However, the egg is only able to be fertilized twelve to twenty-four hours after you ovulate. Ovulation only occurs once a cycle, and it can make conceiving a little daunting.

How will the ezConceive kit helps you?

Determining which stage of your ovulation cycle you're in can be hard. The ezConceive Fertility and Pregnancy kit makes conception just a bit easier by taking the guesswork out of your ovulation cycle. The ezconceive ovulation test will predict the surge of luteinizing hormone in the urine and tells you when you might approach ovulation.  It helps you to identify your most fertile days and increases your chance of conceiving.  The kit also includes FSH tests that can be used to ensures you are still fertile. The kit contains all of the resources you need to ensure a healthy, timely pregnancy. Everything from handy guides and comprehensive charts to the tests necessary to confirm that conception is well on its way have been included for you.
EzConceive maximizes your chance of successful conception